Present Situation of Nepali Cricket

Nepal is small Landlocked Country in South Asia fulfilled with Natural Beauties. Despite Natural Blessings Nepal is not Converting it as a Rich country because of the Unstable Government and its impacted every Parts of the Nation as well as in Cricket.

Now our Cricket Board CAN have been Suspended due to the Unstablility and Government is not taking action Against this. Now we have players who can Perform very well in the Field but Lack of Ground, Lack of Accessories, Lack of the Practice they aren’t converting them as the Better player than they were. Nowadays in Nepal, the Domestic Leagues has been Started which helps us to Build our Capacity and Find new talents despite this when it comes to Selection of Players always old players has chances to play the game, even if they are not in Form. So, to improve the quality of Nepali Cricket our Government should take Legal action Against CAN and Selection of Player should be wider, new talents should be Given Chance.