Nepal lost by 65 runs

In their second warmup match Nepal lost by 65 runs against Srilanka U19 team. The warm up game is for U19 world cup , which will held in Bangaladesh,

Sri Lanka Under-19s 230/9 (45/45 ov)
Nepal Under-19s 165 (42.1/45 ov, target 231)
Sri Lanka Under-19s won by 65 runs
Nepal able to hit 16 boundaries with 2 sixes but srilanka hits 21 boundaries with 4 sixes. When Nepal is chasing the total made by Srilanka. Nepal started the block blustring attack in one time Nepal is in 39-0 in 5 overs but the wicket of Sunil Dhamala is become the turning point of this game. He scored 26 runs in 23 balls with 4 boundaries. But when he was out then Nepal RR is down to 3 to 4 and falls other wicket early. At last five over Nepal made somehow good comeback and avoid more than 100 runs Defeat.