Back To Back Boundary

Back to Back Boundary by Stokes


D Piedt to Stokes, SIX, six more. Stokes just goes on and on. He doesn’t want Piedt to bowl to him. Down the track and to the pitch before slugging it straight back over the bowler. A flat hit too and more cheer for the crowd


D Piedt to Stokes, SIX, there comes the slog sweep. Kneels down and takes it from outside leg to hit it over deep mid-wicket. That was a fine blow and away she went, sailing into the crowd. The Barmy Army love it


D Piedt to Stokes, FOUR, both men didn’t pick it up and it is getting worse for South Africa. Stokes uses his feet and swipes it over square leg, Elgar and Morkel didn’t sight the ball and the boundary is found after a bounce. Piedt has a puzzled look on his face